Group Policy not working on OU.

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I have created an OU with one group inside. Inside the group I have one user. I created a gpo for the OU to not allow cmd.exe, notepad.exe, and explorer.exe to run. I then linked the gpo to the OU and checked under the scope tab and made sure that the group was under the "Security Filtering". I then did a gpupdate /force.  I went to a desktop that's in the AD and logged in as the user in the group and none of the things I set were there.

What am I missing?

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Sorry, this is windows 2012 r2 DataCenter on a HP Proliant G5 server.

Hi Grihm, you can see the gpos apply in your workstation with this command "gpresult /h gpreport.html" you execute this command on run as admin o cmd.exe and see in the report your gpos, if not present the gpo is not apply….