Group Policy Management Console in Server 2012 r2

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Group Policy Management Console in Server 2012 r2?


Hi Team,


We create a new group policy in server 2012 r2 with  policy shortcuts created in all desktop ShortcutShortcut

It is working fine, Now present we deleted the policy in server still all user are getting the policy from the server.


please help me.

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Are you sure that the policy still applying ? Did you verify it with gpresult ?


Shortcuts are applied by preferences, not policies. Preferences not working in exactly the same way than policies.

By default, even when a GPO is no longer applied, preferences are not deleted, nor reset to their default values (for the control panel ones).

Best is to use the Common tab in the Shortcut properties (in the preferences) and check the "Remove this item when it is no longer applied" box. This is only possible if you had not delete the GPO. If so, re-apply the GPO, verify that client re-applyed it and then, remove it, preferences with this option checked should disappear.


If you had already delete it, then create a new one, and re-add the shorcut in it with "Delete" as Action.






Thanks for the reply..


I checked with gpresult ?

In the result the preference is not showing but all user in  OU the shortcut was applied.

I create another policy to delete the shortcut in all user desktop, but no use still new user are getting the shortcut in the desktop by default. 


Any another Idea.


Sharan Kumar