GPUPDATE FORCE always required logoff - tips?

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I have an interesting "feature", perhaps group policy guru's are familiar with? I have inherited this and not sure how to resolve it.


When I view the Default Domain Policy settings via GPMC I can see:


User Config > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection

- Documents > Not Configured

- Music > Not Configured

- Pictures > Not Configured

- Videos > Not Configured


Interesting... I've never seen 'not configured' items appear in this view, usually 'not configured' items are not display, right??


Next... when I am on a server (OS version doesn't matter), when I do a GPUPDATE /FORCE, I am always asked if I want to log out because of the error:

Folder Redirection did not complete policy processing because the user needs to log on again for the settings to be applied. Group Policy will attempt to apply the settings at the user's next logon.


This occurs on servers, and workstations for my domain admin account, server admin account, and regular user account (makes sense why this applies to all).


GPRESULT /H blah.html

The above command also confirms that folder redirection has a status = pending and the user needs to log in again.


My question is...

1) does this make sense to anyone why this is appearing in GPMC when I view the settings?

2) Is there a way to remove these 'not configured' items so GP truly thinks that folder redirection is NOT to be used or configured within this group policy?


We do run Citrix and Remote Desktop... so there is some need for folder redirection, but not that the Default Domain Policy level.


Thanks guru's,


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