GPOs not applying, but Status shows success

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Hi everyone,


we're experiencing a strange problem, we are using a Terminal Server (RDS) to which every user is authentication and working with, however we have recently added another user, everything seemed fine at first, we are also using groups for our firewall/vpn and those are working. However, the file share gpos are not being applied, but their status shows "success" when running the group policy wizard.



Basically all the drives except J and H are missing from the users Explorer, he is the only one experiencing this, we have 2 Terminal Servers and he's experiencing it on all the servers.


i also ran a gpresult /user <NAME> /v /r /scope user and alls the blue circles are the file share ones that are applied however no drives except two are showing in his explorer.




Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this?




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