GPO desktop shortcuts not showing

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I have setup a GPO for desktop shortcuts. I have applied the GPO under Computer Configuration and linked it to my Terminal Servers. I am using a TEST security group, however the shortcuts do not show up. What am I missing? Thank you.


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@Tim Hunter 


Two things spring to mind - one, do you have a loopback policy set?


Also what happens if you set the policy on the User Configuration and add a test user to your security group?



Not sure what you mean by a loopback policy?


I did get the shortcuts to work by setting the GPO up under User Configuration and then linking to User OU. I also used Item-Level Targeting for the specific server I want this GPO to work on for the user. Does this sound like a good method?

@Tim Hunter 

Your solution will work but if you want to go back to the original scenario, to a computer policy when a user logs on, you need a loopback policy.