General Use File server on Failover Cluster deployed in Azure on Windows server 2016

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I am trying to get a clear answer on Failover clustering in WIndows Server 2016.  In Windows 2012 setting up a Scale Out File Server share was to be used for SQL or Hyper-V.  Using the General Use File server was for file shares.  I would like to know if this guidance is still true for WIndows 2016?  ON this blog  Microsoft is recommending a SOFS for user profile disks.  Doesn't that go agains the guidance Microsoft recommends?


In the end I want to build a HA file share to store citrix user profiles in Azure.  I am not sure what to use to accomplish it in Azure, a SOFS or a gerneral use file share?  

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It is still true.


SOFS in S2D (Storage Spaces Direct) or in a disaggregated setting (2+ nodes + JBOD(s)) is meant for storaging VHDX files that are used in a Hyper-V compute cluster.


A simple cluster setup that can host a Highly Available file server VM would be an asymmetric cluster:

  • (2) Nodes with (2) SAS HBAs
  • (1) JBOD or more if needed

The above setup would host both clustered Storage Spaces and Hyper-V. An example on our company blog.

Hey Bradley,


That is exactly what I am trying to do. The SOFS was easy to setup, but not ideal for Citrix Profiles as it stores them in indivdual files (unlike RDS, which is VHD and would work).


I tried setting up a general file server in the failover cluster, but I can only get it to reply when it is on one of the two nodes. It must have something to do with the load balancer, but I have not worked it out yet.


Did you come up with a solution for this?