Forcing dhcpserver to use mac address and ignore the client identfier sent by the client

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It is strange that Windows Server 2022 uses -ClientId option for the Add-DhcpServerv4Reservation

command, but the GUI "New Reservation" dialog uses "Mac address".

I want the DHCP Server to ignore the client identifier sent by the client,

and to match the reservation on the Mac address.

This does not work by just entering the Mac address in the GUI as 7ab764d65e02

or using Add-DhcpServerv4Reservation ...  -ClientId "7a-b7-64-d6-5e-02"

Is there a way to enter a value here to force the DHCP Server to match on the Mac address?

Is it possible to prefix the specified mac address?

I've read about 01 as the htype value.

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I need this funcionality, too.

Windows DHCP should have the option to ignore "Client ID" and using Mac Address instead.

Because i have problems with some older network components.


Thanks in advance to Microsoft
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