Fiber Channel LUNs wont show up in Disk Manager or Server Manager

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Server Manager Does Not See The LUNsServer Manager Does Not See The LUNs


Qconverge sees the LUNsQconverge sees the LUNs


Disk Manager Does Not See The LUNsDisk Manager Does Not See The LUNs


Hi Everyone and Happy New Year.


I am having an issue where my Windows Server 2019 box is not seeing any of the provisioned FC LUNs in Disk Manager or Server Manager (Server Manager\File and Storage Services\Volumes\Disks).  However, I can see that the LUNs are connected to the Fiber Ports via the Qlogic Qconverge utility.  I bring this up in this room because if the Qlogic card sees the LUNs and Windows does not, I think the issue is with Windows (correct me if I'm wrong).


Some Background:

I am building a Veeam Backup Server.  So far I installed Windows Server 2019 Standard on an HP DL360Gen10Plus with the HPE SN1100Q (Qlogic part#QLE2692).  Our Storage switches are clustered Brocade G620s.  The storage appliance we have is a Fujitsu AF250 S2.  I have not installed any software other than Windows Server 2019 because I want to ensure that the LUNs are visible to the OS before installing Veeam.   I am not using iSCSI, just FC and a mirrored pair of local disks


Like I said earlier, Qconverge shows me that all the LUNs are connected to the SN1100Q on both FC ports, but Windows Disk Manager and Server Manager does not show the LUNs.  I tried the following:

1. Enabled MPIO and added "FUJITSU ETERNUS_DXL" to the list.

2. I reviewed the event logs but did not find any FC related logs.  There must be somewhere but I havent found anything on google saying which logs and where they might be

3. Rebooted


I added some screenshots of Disk Manager, Server Manager, Qconverge and the MPIO settings.  (I wrote the caption wrong for the MPIO screen, so please disregard.)



1. Where can I view event logs that pertain to FC issues?

2. One thing I noticed is that the Qconverge utility lists the LUNs as "Online".  Normally these LUNs should be offline (as they should be because they are VMWare Datastore LUNs).  I have several other Veeam Servers (running Server 2016) where these LUNs appear as offline.  Anyone think this is the issue and if so, what can I do to resolve it?

3. Does anyone have an idea whats going on here?




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