Feature request: s2d manual cache binding

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Please make available tools for manual binding of cache drives to data drives.

First problem:

In configurations with multiple storage pools cache drives are bound to all physicall disks, not just to disks in pool.

Use cases: binding problems. in that cases specialists are needed to dance with tambourine to workaround that.the're evicting nodes/retiring drives and so on. that is really PITA.

Second problem: 

set-clusterstoragespacesdirct -cachestate enabled resets the states of journal drives. 

Use case: you want to dedicate some drives to hot-spare, after enabling cachestate, all drives became journal and bound, that is really not what you want if you're planning to use hotspare drives, especially if you're using M.2 SSDs



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Thank you for sharing, if case you have access to a Windows 10 or Windows 11 device, you may open the Feedback Hub app and look for "Windows Server" and share your feedback there too.
S2D automatically chooses behavior of the cache based on the drives type. You can look at alternative caching options with SDS. As an example, you can use Intel OpenCAS as a cache for StarWind VSAN HA device, which can be used for failover cluster.

Alex Bykovskyi
StarWind Software
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