External Load Balancers - 2012 R2 RRAS VPN

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I am in the process of putting together a solution design for DirectAccess which also incorporates the RRAS VPN for clients that use applications that don't support IPv6.  We will have a mixture of WIndows 7 and Windows 10 clients and DirectAccess will be deployed in a multi site configuration.  (Windows 7 machines will of course only use 1 site).


We have F5 GTM/LTM load balancers which can provide global load balancing.  I'm trying to find some documention that details the requirements for external load balancers that covers things like session persistance and all of the other things you'd expect to consider when using external load balancers.


Has anyone got any useful resources that I can refer to or has RRAS VPN configured using external load balancers?


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