Extended Security Update (ESU) - Machine status as not applicable on WSUS

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We enable ESU (Extended Security Updates) for Windows Server 2008.
We installed the prerequisites, restarted the servers but the problem is the following:

We approve Windows 2008 updates but these updates are not delivered to servers.
In WSUS, machines appear with Not applicable status.
If these same updates that are approved on WSUS and cannot be recognized by the servers are installed manually, the installation is successful.
The problem is that Windows 2008 updates approved on WSUS are not recognized by the machines and remain in their not applicable status, even though they manage to manually install the updates.

We follow the procedure of the link below:



Note: Updates that WSUS is unable to deliver are not prerequisites. Prerequisites we install manually and not through WSUS.
The problem is that even after installing the prerequisites manually and activating the key (ESU), WSUS for critical and security updates appears as not applicable.


Can anyone help us with this problem?


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