Exchange Server 2013 can't browse

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My office is changing ISP's, and I am having a problem with our Exchange Server. When it is connected to the old ISP circuit, everything works fine. But when I change the ISP circuit in the firewall, the Exchange Server can't browse the Internet. It can ping and tracert any site on the Internet, but it will not browse (it comes up with a connection timed-out error. I have gone through the DNS and DHCP services and found nothing wrong. I have reset the network adapters and even deleted and recreated the NIC team, but I still can't get it to browse the Internet. Every other system on the network has no problem connecting to the Internet on the new circuit. It is just the Exchange Server 2013 that is having the trouble. I even called the new ISP, and they ran diagnostics on the new circuit and said everything was fine on their end. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can get this server to browse?

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What DNS server is the machine using? May need to update the forwarders.



It runs the DNS service, so I changed the forwarders to the DNS servers for the new ISP. When that didn't work, I changed them to OpenDNS servers. Still no browsing. @Dave Patrick 

Sounds like some other things are now broken. Also note it isn't recommended to install exchange on a domain controller.




An old reverse DNS record was the problem. Once I got the old one deleted and had the new ISP create a new one, all works fine. Thanks again to everyone for all of the input. It is always greatly appreciated.@scottstgelais