Exchange Server 2010 & Windows Server 2019 DCs

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Since there are no changes to ADDS in Win2019, least no new functional levels and nothing else I could find, can anyone point me to an explanation of why the link below shows EXCH2010 (and several others) being unsupported if Win2019 DCs are deployed even if the functional level (up to 2016) is supported...

Is this something where support is expected to be added in the near future?

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Hello @Mike Cavasin,


This has been asked in the following GitHub issue:


Microsoft representatives answered the following:


"as the topic is currently written, Exchange 2010 support tops out at Windows Server 2012 R2 for supported Active Directory environments (writable DCs, writeable GCs, and maximum forest functional level). In other words, any AD site that contains an Exchange 2010 server must contain at least one Windows 2012 R2 or earlier writeable DC and writeable GC. The presence of other Windows 2016 or later DCs in the site or forest is OK, as long as your forest functional level stays at Windows 2012 R2 or lower."


and the following:


"There are no plans at this time to support Windows Server 2019 Domain Controllers / Global Catalog servers with Exchange Server 2010."


I hope this information was useful!


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@Leon Laude Ah, should have seen that, thanks!

You're welcome!

@Leon Laude Looks like this changed in June last year.


"RU22 adds support for Windows 2016 Domain Controllers and 2016 Forest Functional Level"


We've just updated our DC's to 2019 OS and I can confirm that Exchange 2010 works with the latest CU27 (KB4491413) applied, we're running 2016 forest and domain functional levels.


Our Exchange 2010 is a split role Hybrid setup with no DAG's.


Log to show ADAccess: