Excel problem Windows network share folder

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Hello guys,


Firstly: I'm new here and sorry if I'm doing something wrong.


I think I have exhausted all google references (on first two pages :) and I'm still stuck, so I'm here.


We are having some issues with Excel files on our (file server) network share and we are doubting that it's something messed up with our file server. It used to work, but suddenly it stopped. :(


Some details:

Excel reports that "another user" has locked the file for editing instead of giving us the name of that user. 

I've noticed that it doesn't create any temp lock files when I'm on the share (e.g. \\\SharedFolder\ExcelFile.xlsx) but it does create that temp file when I'm accessing it with admin rights like:  \\\D$\SharedFolder\ExcelFile.xlsx. (it creates hidden file ~ExcelFile.xlsx)

Word works like a charm.

The system is Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 on the client's side with everything up to date (it made us problems with Windows 7 also). We are going to replace it very soon with WS2016 but for now we have the other server that is on 2016 version and it also makes us the same problems.


I have tested this issue with some colleagues from other countries that we cooperate with and everything works great on their machines (for our users also). 


Could it be that we messed some protocols like SMB or... (Folder are shared with SMB-Quick share method)?


Please, if anyone has any idea besides those standard ones (disable preview, details in Explorer) - write it down. :)


Best regards to all of you.


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