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Evaluation Center Web Page Issue

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Do anyone know why evaluation downloads aren't available?  Trying to download Microsoft Server 2022 Evaluation @

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Thank you! Looks to be working.

Do you have the link for windows server 2012 R2? @D4N_1337 

Perfect, thank you so much!
Many thanks. However, the links provide access only to 2 OS versions, while the Evaluation site provides the option to download more OS (Windows Server 2016...) and versions, including local language versions...
Still broken on 08 May 2022.
I hate to be a burden, but do you have Server 2016 also?
  • Download Windows Server 2016 ISO 64 bit
  • Download Hyper-V Server 2016 ISO 64 bit


  • Download Windows Server 2016 Essentials ISO 64 bit


Thank you very much!
You're welcome.

These guys are killing me......  I am trying to get radius working and now the iso's have just disappeared.@BNHUBB 



hey, mate do you have the link for Windows 10 Enterprise ISO 64bit? thanks in advance.

@jdtoledo there's no trial version of Windows 10, and the ISO can be generated using media creation tool.

Desktop client OS is not on the scope of this topic. 

please do you also have a link for Server 2019 Essentials ?   Still can not access MS eval site thank you @D4N_1337 


  • Download Windows Server 2019 ISO 64 bit
  • Download Windows Server 2019 Essentials ISO 64 bit
Can anybody say if it is a technical, temporary problem or a change in Microsoft policies?
The Evaluation Center is (was?) a grat resource for self-training and testing...
how is this still a problem 6 days later?

I suspect its been hacked badly ... but nobody will admit that ... hmmmm :suprised: We are about to see the dark forces of the world unleashed onto our consumer based technology... its inevitable .. sadly :cry: