Evaluation Center Web Page Issue

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Do anyone know why evaluation downloads aren't available?  Trying to download Microsoft Server 2022 Evaluation @ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download

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I've sent an internal email asking about this. It seems broken, stay tuned.



Same issues here, good to know im not the issue ;)
I can’t get through to the evaluation center https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/ to download a Windows Server 2022 VHD for my lab I am being redirected to Microsoft Download Center https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download seems I’m not the only one ! But it’s messing with me I need the VHD to complete a lab.
Same here, any update on what is going on?
The Evaluation Center does not work here either
I have the same issue and I am just starting a Virtualization course and needed the Windows server evaluation for learning purposes only and I am unable to proceed further because of this

The evaluation Center url does not work here a well.

Got an email from Elden that they are aware and working on it.



@Dave Patrick Thanks for looking into it.

Thank you for keeping us updated. I don't suppose you have an ETA for a fix?
Thanks for looking into it. I have my lab on hold, need to write an exam soon and can't wait :)
Same thing here.
Microsoft's Evaluation Center is still not reachable... I really need the Windows and Office 365 deployment lab kit for my thesis...
Can't get access to it either. Please FIX ASAP.
I have the same problem...
This is about the same problem. One of the comments contains direct links to the WIndows Server ISO installers, but I'm not sure these are original sources.
I have the same issue
Not working for me either.