Enable BitLocker inside VM

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I can't enable BitLocker inside Hyper-V VM (Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 TP5) hosted in Windows 10 build 14926, when I have done, appears the error: "The data is invalid".


I have the TPM chip ready to use in the VM configuration and the TPM Manager inside the VMs is ready.


I had a old Windows 2016 TP5 VM encrypted with BitLocker. I could start its, but when I decrypted this, I can't encrypt it again.


Does someone have the same problem?

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I am not an expert in this, but read an article recently that described changes to encrypted drives. Since the Anniversary Update there are new signature verification requirements. Does your configuration meet these new requirements?


HP Drive Encryption not supported past Anniversary update.


Anniversary Update problems

We've seen isolated reports of this issue and are currently investigating.  I will provide an update as soon as I hear anything. If anyone else has hit this issue or has anything to share, it would be greatly helpful to our engineering teams.

Thank you for your answer. But it doesn't think a problem with HP Drive Encryption. I use the TPM chip for encrypt my virtual machine over the Windows 10 Hyper-V.

I have encrypted my Windows 10 buid 160916 (three or four versions after Anniversary Update) with Bitlocker and works fine. I think it's a hyper-v problem or pass-thru to the TPM chip. I don't know that.

Thank you Jim. I will try to do this test with different laptop for if it is the TPM chip. Now, I use a Hewlett Packard 850 G1 EliteBook laptop with Windows 10 build 14931 160916-1700.Thank you Jim. I try to do this test with different laptop for if it the TPM chip. Actually I used a Hewlett Packard 850 G1 EliteBook laptop.

With the Windows 10 build 14951 works fine. Thank you!