Duplicate NTDS files in WIN 2K16

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I am doing a small lab at home on Hyper-V.

I have created Windows server 2008 and the files are seem fine while it is duplicated in win 2K16.

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Hi @Samer Rustom 


Not sure what your query is? Are both servers domain controllers, and are they on the same domain?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am a new student for MCSE course. I am taking online course. The instructor asking us to configure two server 2K8 and 2K16 on Hyper V. Both of the servers are working fine except the server 2K8 start acting weird after joining 2K16 to the same 2K8 domain @HidMov 


Any suggestion please

start acting weird after joining 2K16

You'll need to provide something more useful or descriptive.