Domain Policy and enable external software

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Hello everyone,

I have a domain based on Windows Server 2012 R2 that is set up so that when a user tries to install a program, they have to enter the administrator password.


The only problem is that an external company uses Logmein for support, and every time users have to download the software (unlike teamviewer, which works once installed) and start it, which requires them to call technical support every time.


This results in dozens of weekly calls.


Since the software always has the same name, is there a way to add a rule to the domain to allow users to start it without any issues? This would solve my problem...


I've searched around, but I haven't found anything concrete that I could understand.


Thank you.

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There's no pro version that you can install as a service?
I don't know, this isn't a service that I use, but is a service of external partner. I need to run the standalone exe.
Or can you tell them to use something else like QuickAssist?
If I could I would have done it :) ... I need to enable LogMeIn standalone
And they can't provide you with an installation package that you can install as admin but can run as user?
any update?

@Harm_Veenstra yes, with GPO. As I wrote I didn't have the possibility to install the program. An Italian user helped me create a rule