Do FSLOGIX Office search databases still show as local ?

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Hi all,

We've moved from UPD's to FSLOGIX containers in our RDS farm and i've enabled both the profile and Office 365 containers and enabled the search to be stored within them both however we're getting random freezings on the servers and the location of the profiles is getting a very high disk queue length (memory is not an issue and it's all SSD) and the only errors that show at the time are for "failed to determine crawl scope" so i checked in Control Panel on a few users and in their "Indexing Options" it just sticks on "waiting to receive indexing status" but if i select the Advanced option at the bottom the location it says the Index location is set to is C:\Program Data\Microsoft  so should this point to the FSLOGIX Office container or does it still think it's here when in the background it's actually not (and is this an issue).

The only other thing with this is to get the Advanced bit up i have to enter my admin details so not sure if this affects where it's saying the Index Location is ?

Hope that makes sense.


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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. 


Can you let us know which product this is regarding? I'm guessing maybe Windows Server, based on RDS? I'd be happy to move your post into the appropriate area.



@Eric Starker 


Thanks Eric and apologies.....first time poster :)


It's regarding FSLOGIX on Windows Server 2022 in an RDS environment.




@NoIdeaWhatImDoing Great! I've moved this discussion to the Windows Server space. Please post any other Windows Server questions in this space in the future. Thanks!