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Hello All, I have a question I would like to get resolved once and for all. I have DNS entries in out AD DNS that are over a year old. These are not static IP's (they all have a timestamp) and it is causing issues with name resolution. We have scavenging turned on at the zone level but I have noticed that it is not turned on at the server level. Do I need to have "Enable scavenging of stale records" turned on at the server level under DNS server Properties > Advanced? I have done some research and am getting mixed messages about how to properly set this up so we can remove old records and keep DNS as clean as possible. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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I'd suggest working through this one.

Records aren't deleted - Windows Server | Microsoft Docs




First, you should activate DNS scavenging on all AD integrated DNS zones. Duration settings depend on other network settings like DHCP lease.
Then, activate DNS scavenging on one DNS server only (PDC FSMO by example).
Then, wait until DNS scavenging starts to kick in - by default, after 2 weeks.
Never trigger scavenging manually, it's an excellent way to screw your DNS records.
DNS scavenging works well - if you are patient.