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DNS Resolution

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Hi , I'm a junior windows server administrator.


How do I resolve old DNS to new DNS?

Old dns is in different domain and new dns is in different..

We are upgrading from previous project to new project.

(Old environment is having windows server 2008 ,2012 R2 and new environment is having server 2019)


If any one can help ... 



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Not much to go one but I'd check the DHCP server is handing out the correct address of new domain controller / DNS server for DNS.



Besides making sure DHCP is handing out the correct DNS Server IP(s) check and make sure all server's network adapter DNS settings for DNS0, and possibly DNS1, have been updated to reflect the new DNS Server(s).

@Sasikant612 just checking if there's any progress or updates? please don't forget to mark helpful replies.  



Thanks for the support... I will try and let you know.