Difference between SST and STL files in Certificate Management Realms

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What is the difference (in PKI/Certificate realms) between a .STL (Serialized Certificate Trust List) file and a .SST (Serialized Certificate Store) file. I'm looking at maintaining an internal root certificate distribution point for my Windows Server estate as per the guide here but I'm not clear on the difference.

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Dear shocko,
i would like to answer for you about this 2 meaning as my understand.
that's not confirmed. just my knowledge.
The SST is Digital certificate downloaded from a Certificate Authority (CA); installed as a root certificate on Windows computers and is used to validate the identities of websites and software programs; typically saved in a folder along with other .PFX certificate files.
The SST file format preserves all certificate store properties and is useful for transferring certificates between computers.
So the summary for SST is use for Networking or software program.
the second STL is Stereolithography (STL) files are basically lists of triangles that represent solid or surface geometry.
Some Certificate Trust List files can also have an .stl extension. All that's happened is your operating system (Windows, I assume) thinks by default that it is a CTL file. It will still print and behave as a Stereolithography file.
If you change the default application that opens the .stl extension, it will stop appearing as a Certificate Trust List file. In later versions of Windows this should be as easy as right-clicking the file and choosing "Open With", "Choose Another App"
the summary of STL is just working for Microsoft windows user's setting.
pls research to other senior for better answers. that is my knowledge only.