Deployment to Virtual Machine -- not working

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Hello all, I've setup a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Deployment server with a very basic Windows 10 installation - about as basic as you can get. If I try to PXE boot and deploy to a laptop - no issues, if I try and deploy to a Windows Server 2019 VM, I get an error every time. It seems to fail about 93-98%. Same error almost every time. Not sure what else to do at this point? Is there a known issue deploying to VMs?
thanks a ton -- here's the errors.


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I will assume your using a Gen2 VM. If not, then the issue will be that you must add the "Legacy Netwok Adapter" as hardware. Its PXE capable.

Gen2 VM, PXE on network adaptor works, but I found assigning it to a physical Adapter on the host made PXE boot almost never give issues. Sometimes I had issues because the Hyper-V switch would spoof the Mac and this upset the WDS server.

I check your post later, but a little detail how the WDS is connecting to the booting VM would help.