Defender Updates - Windows Update and in-app update the same

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I'm having trouble understanding the update process of windows defender. There are 2 update locations and I don't see what the difference is - or if they are one and the same thing.


1. Windows Security => Virus & threat protection => Protection updates

These updates can be scheduled to download and install using the defender group policy settings. 


2. Windows Update

Is always showing a "Security Intelligance-Update" missing/waiting for install (we do not auto-install updates on our servers). 



So my questions are:

- Are both of those the same thing? The name suggests this to be the case

- If yes, how can we just use the in-app updater without triggering windows update for the security intelligence updates?

- If no, how can we auto install security intelligence updates without also auto installing all other windows updates?


Thanks in advance

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