Dedup and Malware

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Hi, quick dedup question

Does malware infect the deduplication chunk store? (i.e. if a file became encrypted by malware then would both the sparse and reparse data be effected, thus corrupting all files that call to the chunk store to read the common chunks for its data)

Example: On a file server, volume e (data) (2 root folders setup with different security permissions) deduplication is on for this volume and saving 18% (great). However if a file from root folder A and root folder B share a chunk then if a user accessing the file in either folder A or folder B infects/encrypts it with malware, do both files become corrupt?) If this is the case, should deduplication be turned off so that if the file in folder A becomes infected, it will not affect the file in folder B)

Hope that makes sense


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