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Hello everyone currently i am having a difficult time obtaining the evaluation product key for windows server. After typing in the necessary information i wait for the email containing the product key but it never comes. Is windows server no longer available for the trial period or is something wrong on my end.

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The product key for any of the windows server evaluations here is embedded. No need to wait, go ahead and install it and use for 180 days.

Microsoft Evaluation Center



Just checking if there's any progress or updates? Please don't forget to mark helpful replies.



I originally posted this because I get a error when I try to load the iso file into VMware. The error says cannot find Microsoft software license and closes out setup window . That problem hasn’t gone away so if you know of a fix for that that would be great.

Some hypervisors such as VMWare add an additional floppy drive that causes install media to look for licensing on floppy, in this case remove the virtual floppy from guest and try again. Also try;

Bypassing Easy Install

  1. First start VMware Workstation
  2. Create A New Virtual Machine
  3. Select the option “I will install the operating system later”
  4. Then your new virtual machine will be added to your virtual library.
  5. Double click on your new Virtual Machine to start it.
  6. Then it will prompt that an OS is not installed and provide an option to insert the OS installation media.
  7. Simply click on Change CD/DVD Settings to select your ISO media then Restart VM. 
I’ll try that when I get home thank you