Cumulative Security updates order

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Hi guys, I am having a  sort of a basic question but I am a little bit confused so I need help. 
I had problems with my WSUS installation for a while so my servers weren't updating. I fixed that problem now and decided to make a vulnerability assessment to see where we stand.

Of course the findings where too many and I have started fixing them one by one.

The question is the following: I am missing many cumulative security updates for IE 9 on my 2008 servers.  I have noticed that many updates replace others. For instance 2987107 MS14-056 is being replaced by 3003057 MS14-065 and MS14-080 replaces MS14-065.

So what to do? Just install the latest that supersedes old ones ie only MS14-080 in the above example? Or install all the updates starting from the oldest to the newest?

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Looks like this one is the latest cumulative update as of this post. The latest would supersede the older ones.