Crystal ActiveX report in Landscape orientation stopped working in Windows 10

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We have a third party ASP.NET based windows application which can generate multiple reports using Crystal Report ActiveX, those reports may be in Landscape or Portrait orientation depending on the type of report.


Please note that the Application is installed on Windows 2008 R2 server and we are accessing this application from Windows 10 Pro, obviously client version of software is installed locally.


Recently our operation team has noticed that after latest windows 10 updates the Landscape orientation reports freezes the windows application and takes about 10 min to popup the report, but portrait reports works expectedly.


I did some workaround and found that if I restart print spooler services during the Freeze status then report popup quickly within seconds.


I have tried to remove recent updates, uninstalled all print drivers, restarted my PC in safe mode but no success, I have also installed crystal report from SAP official website with no success.


Any help would be much appreciated!!

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