Cross forest permissions with 2003 server.

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I'm doing a forest migration with a mix of 2008 and 2003 servers to new 2016 servers.


When a migrated user is accessing a 2008 or newer server share located in the old domain, all is well.

When a migrated user is accessing a share on the 2003 server, access fails.


sidhistory is enabled and verified, along with sidhistory filter quarntineing being disabled.


I realize 2003 is not officially supported. Just wondering if this is known not work of if there is a possible workaround.


Thank you


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windows server 2016 will not support the windows server 2003 functionalities .

Please perform the functionalities test before migrating.

Migrating from lower or to higher can only support  as >2 versions or <2 versions. Please refer the below link for your reference.


supported OS for windows server 2016