Cluster "PROTECTED NETWORK" error 1255

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Hello everybody,


During my failover tests, I found difficult problem.


When I create a new HA VM (doesn't matter on which node) and disconnect cables from the node this VM is moved to the second one. Good! :) Normal behavior using "Protected Network". When I restore network connection I can manually move this vm without any problem. The problem starts existing when I unplug cables and wait for failover the same machine next time. I get information: The operation did not complete on resource ... in detail information there is only "Cluster resource 'VM' in clustered role 'VMName' has received a critical state notification (EventID 1255). No auto failover. It still can be moved manually by clicking live migration.

When I delete VM from cluster role and bring as HA it can be failover again but only once.


Any advice ?




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