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Hello is it a good way to clone a hard drive of a machine with windows 10 already member of domain controller windows 2016 AD

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If you clone the hard drive to a new one and never use the old hard drive again, than that's a normal thing that you can do. Tools like Acronis or EaseUS should do the trick, sometimes you get a external case and software for cloning with the new hard drive (Kingston for example does that)

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Thanks for your response and explanation for the clone i use macrium Reflect it is a new and reliable tool

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No problem, read about Macrium too and seems ok as far as I can see. The most important thing in domain joined machines is that cloning is ok, but you can't use that as a imaging solution. Renaming a cloned machine works, but the SID remains the same and the computer account will then be linked to the new machine and the old machine will loose it's domain membership because of that.

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