CLDAP connections to all Active Directory servers

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Can somebody explain why my computer clients open CLDAP connections to all Active Directory servers of my domain? In Wireshark, the CLDAP messages are displayed immediately after the DNS SRV query response for this address


I have approximately 10 sites in my domain, and my computer, for instance, belongs just to one of them, but even though it performs this request to each AD of these ten sites.

I would like to limit these CLDAP messages only to the Active Directory to which my PC belongs.


Here is an example of the CLDAP info requested searchRequest "<ROOT> baseObject?


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@Marcio_Priess Please read the following to understand the background and its purposes.

In general:


[MS-ADOD]: Example 1: Locate a Domain Controller | Microsoft Learn


cLDAP/LDAP Ping specific:


[MS-ADTS]: LDAP Ping | Microsoft Learn