CHKDSK needed on volume (CSV). Unable to do VM storage migration

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Hi All


Hope everyone is well. Needed some advice if possible.

I have 2012 cluster and the SAN is hanging on by a thread.

I managed to migrate all of the VMs to the new SAN except for 2.

Every time I try doing a storage migration, I get CRC errors.

Shutting down the VM and doing a file level copy also fails.

The problematic CSV has the following error listed on it – “chkdsk scan needed on volume”.

I am guessing this is due to the SAN on its way out.

I have 2 production VMs remaining on there so I need to proceed with caution.

I tried running “chkdsk.exe /scan” however I get the following error: The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation. A snapshot error occurred while scanning this drive. You can try again, but if this problem persists, run an offline scan and fix.

I read so many articles where I must put the CSV in maintenance mode but what will happen to the 2 VMs running on there.

I also came across an article that mentioned I run chkdsk.exe /SpotFix

What are repercussions of doing this?

Appreciate any advice.

My goal is to ultimately do a storage migration of the remaining 2 VMs to the new SAN and CSV.

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