Centralized dhcp vs distributed

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Hi , Current we have about 400 branch and every branch about 50-100 user , use central active directory ,dns but dhcp then still local every branch . please suggest help me should use centralized dhcp ? and how to deploy centralized dhcp to every branch can get IP ? Thanks

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Did you hear about IPAM role? It centralizes management of all dhcp and dns servers in one tool in one location.

what effect current system if we install one server member and add role IPAM ? and if no use it i can uninstall this role ? search some document this this tool so good to manage DHCP,DNS,DC ? I can use this tool IPAM to assign one admin manage DHCP only ? about DNS , DC will separate .

@Tien Ngo Thanh 

Yes, you can uninstall it. It only recolect the data from DHCP and DNS records + DC accounts, in order to summary wich account, when, with IP ... x.x.x.x. accessed the network.

The problem in windows server 2016 is that all the dhcp and dns server must be part of the domain.

There are a couple of roles you can assign to other people in order to manage dns for example at one scope.

You can create your own security roles.

Maybe you can read more about this if it really fits your needs.

Hope it helps.


as you we should this tool ? and use Centralized dhcp ? please suggest help me .Thanks

@Tien Ngo Thanh 

It's not a centralized DHCP. In order to use IPAM you need all of your existing DHCP and DNS servers in your branches-


Then you have to provision IPAM by GPO to all of your dhcp and dns server. With this you will discover all of your servers in IPAM.

Then, you can manage all of your scopes and dns records from one server.


This tool is part of windows server so why not. There are other third party solutions as well but for me is enough.