CDPUserSvc service errors

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We have 2 servers running Windows Server 2016. Both servers have alot of the CDPUserSvc services. Why are there so many? Do I need this service? Thanks!

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@Dave Patrick 


Thanks Dave, I read up on the documentation you referred, however, still not sure if it is okay to disable this service or if it even matters for performance, etc.

What roles or applications are installed?



The number of them is probably related to RDS users. It is the Connected Devices Platform service, and provides per user service for things like bluetooth, printers, scanners, music players, storage devices, mobile phones, cameras, and other types of connected devices. So users may be affected if disabled.



@Dave Patrick 

Its strange because I have 2 servers that each have anywhere from 12-15 RDP users logged in but one of the servers only has 2 CDPUserSvc services that are running with no issues while the other server has about 20 and all of them will not start. 

Might check the system event log for related errors.