CAU remote WMI and remote powershell

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help?

we have some hyperv clusters running on server 2012R2 which have been running fine for years but now updates keep failing.

Using the standalone CAU tool in an mmc the only issue is a warning about the proxy (which we don't use)  but windows admin centre reports that both remote WMI and remote powershell are not enabled. (both CAU and WAC are running on my laptop). If I PSremote to any of the cluster nodes and check with winrm quickconfig I am told the service is running and remote WMI is enabled. CAU run locally on one of the nodes also reports a failure on remote powershell and remote WMI.

I assume this is due to testing remote access locally but how do I fix as it is not possible to manage updates through windows admin centre and the scheduled updates are also now failing?

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