Cant add cluster node through SCVMM 2019

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i have a SCVMM 2019 10.19.2445.0 Instance running and want to migrate a 24 node windows server 2016 cluster to windows server 2019 (OS Build 17763,1637). So far so good, when i want to add the migrated node to the cluster through SCVMM i am getting this error message:


Error (25334)
Adding node 'XYZ' to the cluster 'CLUSTER' failed because of error: An error occurred while performing the operation.

Recommended Action
Refer to cluster documentation for resolving cluster problems.


At the SCVMM Server i can see in the event viewer a error message:

Failover Cluster PowerShell cmdlet Add-ClusterNode: An error occurred while performing the operation.


How can i troubleshoot this error? i cant figure out a start point or better logs.

Thanks for any hint.



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Mabye someone finds this helpful, after i upgraded the function level to 10 (windows server 2019) i cant add new nodes via scvmm to the cluster.

Looks like scvmm cant add new nodes to a cluster in a mixed mode scenario.