Cannot open certain apps like mmc.exe from start menu and/or troubleshooter opens with error.

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On all of our Windows Server 2019 Servers we can't open apps like mmc.exe with windows search or the start menu. Simply nothing happens. No error, no message, nothing.





If we try to open the app from its saved folder the app opens with no problems.


Opening mmc.exe with win+r does work aswell.




Then another problem, which is related to the prior problem I guess, is that if we try to open troubleshoot and I mean any troubleshoot, an error pops up.



And we can access the troubleshoot app from its folder or via cmd like in the problem mentioned above.




I tried sfc /scannow and dism, but both tools could not find any problems. The server I am showing you is a fresh install and only got its recend updates from october.


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Might check both the user and system path variables are valid.