Cannot configure RD Licensing

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I've got a Windows Server 2016 at my office. I've got around 10 workers who need to access my server through a RDP access. I have no domain : got just the server and my workers respective computers at their place. After much research, I understood that Microsoft only allows 2 users to connect through RDP simulataneously and thus, I'll need to buy CAL licences.


I then bought 10 CAL licences per user. I called Microsoft and they activated it by telephone. Now, it seems that there is something need to be configured and I can't get it :(


Let me say what I've understood so far :

1. I'll have to configure "RD Licencing".

2. I did install the concerned roles but when I open Server Manager > Remote Desktop Services > Overview, it says the following :




What should I do ? Do I have to add the Server on a domain ? If yes, what does that change for me? What will happen to the current admin account on my server ? It is a local account. Will that change ? Please help me :(


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@Dave Patrick, thanks for your reply mate.


However, the link says "You must use per-device licensing instead of per-user licensing". I've got to say that I bought all of my 10 licences per user ! :(

Yes, makes sense since without a domain there wouldn't be a way to manager per user




WorkGroupでRemote Desktop Servicesを運用・管理する場合、RDS CALはデバイスCALを購入する必要があるはずです。ユーザーCALで接続するとログインはできるものの、時間が経つと切断されるはずです。

また、RDライセンスのコンソールは、サーバーマネージャからではなく、コントロールパネル>Terminal Services>にある、ライセンスマネージャーから設定を確認だった気がします。

Okay. So that confirms the fact that I'll have to set my Windows Server 2016 on a domain since I've bought per user CALs !

Now my question is : what does that change for me ? What will happen to the current admin account on my server ? It is a local account. Will that change ?

First thing don't install the active directory domain services on your RDS server. Nothing happens to the local administrator account on a member server. If you need further assistance with this new topic I'd suggest closing this thread by marking best response and open a new thread.