Can't find Windows Server 2016 to download

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I have a Windows Server 2016 Std licence and I got the package with a boot DVD but I don't have any DVD readers ( who does anymore )

Where can I download the ISO for the Win Srv 2016 Std installation.

I have tried this link

but i get a broken site ( picture in the attachment.


Please help.


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@AdisCatrnja If your still looking for this, I could download the ISO from here:


You can use these instructions to convert the trial version to a retail version with your product key:


Make sure to check out the dedicated community for Windows Server, which is the best place to ask questions about this topic 


Hope that helps.

@Cian Allner 


Thank you for the reply but the download link that i posted in the post got fixed and i just download the evaluation version there and made it a "real" version with my key that i got when I bought with my licence.


@AdisCatrnja I'm moving this conversation to the Windows Server space, which is the appropriate place to ask Windows Server questions in the future. Thanks! 

The TechNet evaluation center was broken for a few hours on Monday but is up and working now as of this post, so I'd try again.