Can not find Windows Server 2019 LTSC build in Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

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In our Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center we can only download Windows Server 2019 build 1809 but we want to use the LTSC version. As i know the build 1809 is SAC.  How can we obtain officially the LTSC version. (Normally customers should have the opportunity to choose the version what they want to use). 


Thanks for any help

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The Server 2019 version is LTSC version but just not called that. Just like Server 2016 was as well. I am honestly not sure where to find Semi-Annual Channel version on VLSC. See this post of explanation of SAC vs. LTSC for server. The default is in Server is LTSC as opposed to Windows 10 where default is SAC.

I'm confused then.... do you want long term servicing or semi-annual channel?



Hi !


I need the long term build.

I downloaded it from our VLSC and installed it.

After install i see:


Windows Server 2019 BUILD 1809 !


When my infos are correct this is a SAC build.



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It is solved.
That was a only a mistake from me.
The build is literally 1809 but it ist the LTSC version because the name contains "2019"
In the VLSC are 2 download options:
Windows Server 2019 Standard  (This is the LTSC version)
Windows Server Standard (This is the SAC version)
I was confused, because  the build number was "1809".
Ok too much Windows 10 :)