Can I add member servers to the same domain with Windows Server 2022 Essentials as the primary DC?

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I am not clear as to whether or not I can add other Windows servers as a domain member within the same domain, when the primary domain controller is a Windows Server 2022 Essentials server?


Our current environment only has a single server running Windows Server 2022 Essentials which is acting as our primary domain controller. However, I now need to add another server to our domain.


Since Windows Server 2022 Essentials has to be the primary and only domain controller within the same domain, therefore any additional servers added would have to be Windows Server Standard.


However neither the license terms or searches on the web can confirm whether I can add another server to the same domain when Windows Server 2022 Essentials is the primary DC?


Is anyone able to confirm this? Are there any other limitations of Windows Server 2022 Essentials that I would need to be aware of when adding additional servers to our current domain?


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