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Hello, I have a question.


I have a farm of 4 RDS. On each RDS, I can capture in their event logs the IDs 4624, 4634, 4647, 4800 and 4801. My RDS farm is connected to a BROKER, which only sends me two events, IDs 4624 and 4634.


So my domain controller, which sends me events from my broker, also sends me only two IDs, 4624 and 4634.


So my question is this


Is it possible to upload IDs 4647, 4800 and 4801 to my BROKER? If so, how? If not, why not?


Thank you very much.

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Sounds like you're wanting to set up an event collector.     

Windows Event Collector - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn    



Ok, thanks a lot ! @Dave Patrick 

@jeremylz you're welcome, please don't forget to close up the thread here by marking helpful replies.