BNU, Client Machine not Retrieve IP but can from WDS PXE

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I have been trying to troubleshoot BitLocker Network Unlock on my infrastructure but cannot seem to get it to work. On the client system I receive Event ID 24584 and on the WDS server I do not receive any event logs notifying of the client trying to use the certificate to network unlock. The odd part is that, if try to PXE boot on the client, it can receive and IP and go through the steps as if it is going to do an image install using WDS. I followed the steps in the documentation, GPOs have been applied, Certs have been properly placed, it just seems bootmgr cannot retrieve and IP but can from WDS. In addition, IP helper has been setup on the switch.


System Info: Virtualized Windows 10 21H2 Machine running on VMWare with a vTPM

Virtualized Windows 2022 Server Running on VMWare; same VLAN as the client machine

Physical Domain Controller Windows 2016 Server; located on different VLAN than the WDS Server and Client Machine

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