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Here is my situation, I have a production server on which 3 users are created (+ an admin session). The 3 users connect via RDP on the server sessions, to do their daily work.
The 3 users can have access to their server session via RDP even when they are back home.
Here is my problem : I want to remove the permission to a user to access via RDP outside the local network (as soon as he leaves the office)

I immediately thought of the VPN solution but unfortunately a software pro needs the IIS service, which blocks the VPN in SSL.
I tried via AD user -> property -> incoming call -> check identity of caller -> enter mac address. It worked once, but unfortunately it doesn't work anymore

Do you have any ideas?

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And in what "magical" way do they have access to RDP from home?
Surely you do not have it opened to public?
And if you do, immediately close it