Bitlocker on Windows 2022 cant encrypt OS Drive

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I'm installing Windows Server 2022 standard with clean install. It has two hard drives. I can encrypt a drive if it doesn't contain the operating system, but I can't encrypt the drive where windows is installed. When I try to "Turn on bitlocker", it reports: "The requested operation is not supported". Can someone advise me on why this might be happening?


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry for asking a perhaps obvious question, the system does have a TPM chip? If not, then you could encrypt it but use a USB as unlock?

Hi @Harm_Veenstra ,

Yes. My device manager shows TPM 2.0 working normally. Oddly enough, I did a clean install of Server 2019 and it works fine. It makes me suspect there is something going on with Server 2022.

I appreciate you responding. Thank you!



Just added a virtual TPM to my Windows 2022 server and encrypted my OS disk C:\, the D:\ drive can also be encrypted but as a Bitlocker To Go disk. I had to install the Bitlocker Drive Encryption Feature of course, but pretty straight forward.. Not sure what's going on with your system?




@Harm_Veenstra , Yes. Strange Indeed. Since Server 2019 works fine I suspect it isn't a hardware problem, but it's hard to be 100% sure. Maybe an update will roll out to fix this. Who knows? Thanks for helping!