Beginning SDN

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I have just gone through the SDN demo, and scripts to create a test environment with all of the 2016 SDN capabilities. However I am finding it overkill for what I need- and I am unsure how to setup something simpler. We have been on Hyper-V since the beginning and are wanting to migrate to a more hybrid approach where we can run VMS in Azure and on Prem.


We still have a legacy network design that is not very cloud conducive. Our main sub includes all VMS and physical servers, with the exception of Hyper-V Hosts which I made a VLAN for. Our client workstations connect via My goal is to create a separate network for VMS that is reachable via -- I don't need all the SLB at this point. As well as a separate network for Dev/Testing etc. Then once I get Azure onboard I can create my connection to it and run a VM either on prem or on Azure and have it keep the same IP


It sounds like I need the gateway role and a network controller. But I can't figure out what I need to do. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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