Basic Question on NPS Deployment


I am deploying NPS on a 2012R2 AD Domain Controller to use for authenticating VPN clients from a Cisco ASA. I installed the NPS role, and imported a configuration that I got from an old IAS server. It seems to be working fine, but I have a couple questions;


1. Since I have NPS installed on a domain controller, do I still need to do the "Register in Active Directory" thing? I have not done that yet as I thought that would only be required when running on a member server... but I want to confirm?


2. On the NPS server properties (general tab), I have selected to have both rejected and successful authentication requests recorded in the event log (which I believe is the default), however I only see failed requests (Event ID 6273). Is there something else I need to do? These are in the Server Roles event log for "Network Policy and Access Services"



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