Bad Performance in RDSH Farm with Exchange Online

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Hey there,


so I've searched forever for a solution for this problem.

Our customer is using mailboxes in Exchange Online with Outlook 2016 on a Server2016 Remote Desktop Session Host Farm.

User profiles are located in User Profile Disks. Indexing is activated. Cache is - for some users - activated.

The performance is not good and Outlook keeps "not responding" occasional on simple tasks like sending an email with a small attachment (<1mb).


What is best practice for this setup? There are different opinions on this.


Some say, indexing is not supported for cached mode on roaming RDSH users. But without indexing the performance is unbearable.

Others say, Outlook is not recommended on RDSH and instead OWA should be used, which is no option whatsoever.


Any thoughts?

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There can be many many causes.


You can start to Turn off Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Outlook

It may also be a simply internet slow access (exchange/outlook/o365 don't like it)^^

An undersized infra -disks access etc.


RDSH is rarely efficient. but gets to be stable with app-v technology
Better to prefer VDI or traditional PC.



Hey Jean-Charles,


thank you for you contribution.

I already disabled graphic acceleration. Bandwith is a 100Mbit/s sync line, which should be enough for ~50 Users. Traditional PC is not an option.